Mistreated by his former owners, she has something unthinkable on her paw!

This is the reason for her pain

This poor dog was saved from being euthanized in just the nick of time. When Ginger was brought to a shelter, she had very little hope of survival or getting adopted. She had a tumor the size of a baseball on her paw, making it difficult to walk.

The trip to bring the dog to the pet ranch was an hour both ways, but they got her anyway.  There is a bad overpopulation issue locally, so many dogs with medical issues are put down, often regardless of the severity of the condition. When he began the surgery, he discovered that the tumor’s roots went extremely far down, and he couldn’t remove all of it. He did the best he could and crossed his fingers that it was enough and the tumor wouldn’t grow back. Weeks later, Ginger was miraculously healed. She was walking just fine, seemed super happy, and what’s more, the tumor hadn’t grown back. Vet Ranch tested the tumor and found that it was not malignant, so Ginger wasn’t in any danger of the tumor returning and causing further trouble. Ginger was finally free!


Source: likemag.com


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