HILARIOUS: Newsreader is caught off guard when a dog appears under her desk on live TV!

Hilariously Interrupts Live Broadcast! (Video)

The black dog’s television debut came during a newscast on Mir24 TV last week, when anchorwoman Ilona Linarte was startled by a bark in the midst of a serious news report interrupting her live broadcast. She was suddenly (and delightfully) interrupted when a friendly black dog wandered in and let his presence be known live on air. She tried her best to continue despite the surprise guest’s insistence on being the center of attention, but she was soon forced to acknowledge the breaking news. In the video, the labrador can be seen creeping up behind Linarte before barking, causing her to become startled and turn around.

“I’ve got a dog here,” Linarte exclaimed in Russian. “What is this dog doing in the studio?” The dog then figures since he’s already crashed the show, he might as well get some more airtime. He jumps up next to Linarte, climbs onto her desk and then wins her over to get a friendly petting. “I actually prefer cats,” Linarte said. “I’m a cat lady.” But despite her obvious discomfort no one comes to her aid and she is forced to finish the broadcast with the dog at her side, though she does manage to give it a hug and a pat in an attempt to calm it down.

15 seconds of fame!

The dog’s appearance on television may have been brief, but it’s already made him a star. Online, the clip has gone viral — racking up more than 6 million views in just a matter of days. The station followed up by saying the dog was on set with another show guest and ended up getting loose. Despite making a splash in his television debut, the dog may have a hard time convincing Linarte to be his co-anchor. Turns out, this isn’t the first time an otherwise boring broadcast has been made so much better by the unexpected entrance of a playful pup. And sure enough, it’s always good news. Watch the video, this dog has become a viral sensation!

Doggone it! Hilarious moment a newsreader is caught off guard when a LABRADOR appears under her desk on live TV

Some dogs will do anything for their 15 seconds of fame. Like this adorable pooch that decided to liven up a sleepy Russian television broadcast by walking right on the set and stealing the spotlight from a news anchor.

Source: people.bfmtv.com

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