Nobody Wanted This Deaf Dog Until a Young Man Adopts And Teaches Him Sign Language

He found the perfect companion (Video)

A deaf man found a perfect companion when he adopted his deaf dogNick Abbott first saw Emerson, a cute black Labrador, on his Facebook News Feed when the North Florida Rescue (NFR) of Maine posted the dog’s picture. Emerson was looking for a loving home. “I was drawn to him right away because we have similarities. I felt like because I know what it’s like to be deaf, I could understand him,” said Abbott.

Emerson was a part of a litter and all of his siblings had already been adopted. “He is left wondering why no one wants to give him a forever home,” NFR posted alongside his picture prior to his adoption. “He wants everyone to know that even though he may be deaf, he is still an AMAZING little pup with SOO much love to give!” Abbott said. Although Emerson was born with many brothers and sisters, he was left behind as his siblings found their forever homes. Due to health issues early on in his life, Emerson couldn’t be adopted at first. He initially wasn’t sure if he could handle the responsibility of another dog as he already had a 7-year-old yellow Lab, but he couldn’t get Emerson out of his mind. “I decided I should at least go meet him and see,” Abbott said. “I walked in and he came right to me and sat on my foot. It was like he already knew me…. That’s the moment that I knew.”

They were meant to meet

Their bond thus far has been “awesome,” Abbott explained. Since both Nick and Emerson are both deaf, barking and speaking aren’t going to do either of them any good. That’s why Nick has been teaching Emerson sign language. Wherever he is, Emerson is nearby.  Now, Abbott is actively training Emerson. The pup is already learning commands in sign language and has been fast at picking it up. “I didn’t know what it would be like to have a deaf dog. I’ve never been around a deaf dog before,” Abbott said. “I think we have been learning together as we go.” Watch the video, he’s a social boy who will make an excellent family member.

It’s a sad truth that some of Emerson’s potential owners may have been put off by his health issues. However, Nick has explained that he is no trouble at all. The pup is more than happy snuggled up next to you or basking in a patch of sunlight.


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