Once On Stage, This Dog Impresses Everyone And Achieves A World Record!

He achieves a World Record!

A truly unique performance; one that inflamed the stage of Britain’s Got Talent show! Did you expect a singer or an acrobat? Far from it! It is Cally The Wonderdog, a tiny Jack Russell Terrier who has a passion for balloons. Or rather, her passion is to pop every balloon that she sees!!

However, popping balloons is not an activity with an end in itself because in this video we will witness the making of a new Guiness World Record right in front of our eyes! Yes, in fact Cally the Wonderdog beats the previously held world record (44.49 seconds) by popping 100 balloons in just over 40 seconds. Kudos to Cally the Wonderdog!


Source: www.minutebuzz.com


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