Other Dogs Refused To Play With This Disabled Dog, What The Donkey Does Is really TOUCHING

What he does is really touching (Video)

Life for a disabled dog can be rough. When you can’t run around or play with the other puppies, it’s hard to make friends and life can get pretty lonely. Kolina is a young Anatolian Shepherd who was born with a spinal condition, that occurs frequently in large dog breeds, commonly known as wobbles syndrome. Due to this condition, Kolina has trouble walking and any type of movement can be very painful, as her nerve endings in her back are tightly compressed. All of this also lead to neck aches and stiff muscles.

Kolina grew up lying on the couch and crouching low, not being able to play with the other puppies who were running and jumping around. The disease not only affected her mobility, but her social life too. Kolina must have felt like an outcast for her whole life. But luckily, Kolina has a friend who makes it easier to accept the fact that she is not like other dogs. Still, sometimes life throws you a bone in the most unexpected ways and someone who becomes your best friend can come into your life out of nowhere. Her best friend in the world is called Paolo and he is a donkey.

A beautiful and sincere friendship

When he first met Kolina, he didn’t even glance her way twice, but as soon as he saw that she was disabled, something in his heart changed. Paolo decided to adopt the pup as his cuddle buddy and they spend all day lounging around and playing in the hay or on the grass. With Paolo, Kolina does not need to pretend she can run or play and she does not miss it either – she has a friend who loves her just the way she is. Watch the video to witness this heartwarming relationship. I hope you have your tissues ready. Be sure to SHARE this touching friendship with your family and friends.

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