Owner Filmed His Puppies Running For Food For 9 Months – Hilarious Moment

Hilarious timelapse (Video)

What’s better than having one puppy? Having two puppies, of course! The Cheese Patrol, which consists of two goofy young golden retrievers named Colby and Bleu, are becoming Social Media sensations after their owner posted an adorable timelapse video of the pair growing up as they run for their feed bowls. Having two young dogs in the house can be a handful, it’s also a lot of fun.

That time in every young dog’s life when limbs are growing more gangly, fur is growing in strange places, and other dog’s butts are more intriguing than ever! Despite all these changes, one constant remains the same – the hunger is real! These adorable and hungry pups growing up before your very eyes. Spoiler Alert: They’re still adorable and hungry. So to preserve the memory of them being young and silly (and even a bit clumsy), their owner put together an adorable time-lapse video of them running to their food bowls at dinnertime. 

Nine months recording

It starts when they’re just 11 weeks old and goes all the way up to when they’ve nearly finished their first year of life. Their owner spent nine months recording videos of the goofballs as they race around the kitchen corner to get to their feed bowls. The dogs grow bigger and bigger, but their funny race never changes, with the one on the left always almost hitting the counter (except for when he does). Watch the video, they grow up so fast!

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