Owner Wants To Make His Dog’s Dream Come True – 300 Tennis Balls Fall From The Sky

Dog tries to catch 300 balls (Video)

When it comes to dog toys, dogs are relatively easy to please. You can buy them the most expensive, luxurious dog toy out there and your pooch might get a few uses out of it, but nothing could ever replace a dog’s true love: the tennis ball. Many dogs love tennis balls to the point where an attachment forms, or in some cases, an obsession. So imagine a dog’s joy when they’re gifted with not one, not fifty, but 300 tennis balls?

Well one man presented his dog with this amazing gift and caught the whole thing on camera for us to watch. The video begins out on the porch with a sweet black Labrador. The pooch is over the moon with excitement as his dad throws him a brand new tennis ball. He barks excitedly and runs around with the ball, but before he can even comprehend what’s just happened, another ball bounces in, and then another. Still with the first ball in his mouth, the dog chases after the next few balls that come bouncing in, trying to collect them all. But it’s a hard job, and more and more balls keep on coming!

More balls keep on coming!

Then, in a moment that most dogs could only dream about, the whole 300 tennis balls are poured on top of the pooch. His reaction is totally hilarious. He looks completely torn about which ball to run toward first due to the fact that they’re pretty much covering the whole of the porch. He dashes up and down, his tail waging a-mile-a-minute as he takes in the sight of all of his new tennis balls. The video became an instant online sensation, with over 17 million views, making this excitable pooch an online celebrity!

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