Pregnant woman reveals her belly to Orangutan and gets an amazing reaction!

An Amazing Reaction! (Video)

Animals understand so much more than we give them credit for. Those natural instincts to love and care are always there, and the moments where animals are able to show us those are truly remarkable. A couple visited Colchester Zoo, located in the UK, and got an amazing reaction. In the minute-long clip, the expectant mother can be seen looking at a particularly large orangutan through a glass window. The Orangutan they were viewing seemed really interested in the woman’s 37-week pregnant belly so she decided to move closer to the glass.

Suddenly the animal becomes fixated on her belly, and as the woman gets closer to the glass, the orangutan seemingly gets emotional about the tiny life within the mom-to-be! The orangutan softly caresses her belly over the glass and at one point even kisses her stomach! An amazing thing to witness. There’s no doubt the large creature knows that this woman is pregnant and will soon be a mom. This is so beautiful!

He knows that she’ll be a mom very soon!

It’s truly an amazing sight to behold, and it’s obvious that this huge creature knows exactly what’s about to happen to this mom. He seems to know that there’s going to be a new baby in the world very soon, and he honestly seems happy about it. But we’re not super surprised, because after all, orangutans — like gorillas — are super humanlike and very intelligent and emotional beings. This touching video just goes to show that parenthood is a universal language. Watch as the orangutan gets super emotional over the woman’s belly, and prepare yourself to be amazed!

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