President’s Dog PEES In Fireplace During Government Meeting – Watch President’s REACTION!

President’s dog pees during meeting! (Video)

Emmanuel Macron is not the first French President to have a dog living in Élysée Palace, and probably won’t be the last. However, his Labrador-Griffon crossbreed Nemo is the first rescue animal to be housed in the presidential palace. He was adopted by Macron and his wife this summer and has been featured in many photo spreads in the palace gardens. However, this time Nemo was featured in a video that recently went viral for one adorable, hilarious reason.

Political meetings among government members are usually shrouded in secrecy — though thankfully, this one wasn’t! French President Emmanuel Macron’s dog, Nemo, seized on a golden opportunity to make a big splash at the Élysée Palaceperforming a typical canine pose – lifting his leg and peeing into the ornate fireplace in the French President’s rather fancy office with members of his government.

What’s that noise?

“I wondered what that noise was,” said Brune Poirson, junior minister for ecology, as translated by the BBC. “He is doing something quite exceptional,” Macron explained. One of the other government members, Julien Denormandie, asked the president if Nemo peeing in the room happened often. President Macron replied, “You have triggered completely unusual behavior in my dog.” It seems like he’s perfectly comfortable in his new home! Watch the video of this meeting, they couldn’t help but burst out laughing while Nemo finished his business!

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