Puppy Calls On Bigger Dog For Protection After Cat Takes Swipe At Him With His Claws

Puppy returns with back-up (Video)

A homeowner in New York owns three pets. A seven-year-old cat named Marvin, a four-month-old Cavapoo dog named Louie, and a one-year-old dog named Leela all cohabitate with one another. Marvin, being the oldest, tends to believe he runs the place. One day, Louie was trying to walk into the bathroom, but the homeowner’s cat Marvin, had other ideas. Cats seem to have varying ways of expressing their feelings. The footage shows Marvin with his claws clasped around Louie’s head as he squeals in pain before being released and cowering away.

The problem with this arrangement is that Marvin seems to be a bully. He seems to treat Louie terribly at times. We all know that animals like to rough house with one another ever so often, but the interaction between these two in the video is a bit sad. Louie then leaves the bathroom with the cat feeling victorious as the filmer asks: ‘Marvin! Marvin did you have to use the claws?’ However a few seconds later Louie returns with back-up in the form of a much bigger dog, one-year-old Leela. The cat decided to show his dominance towards a little dog by swiping at the pooch and soon regretted it when the bigger friend came to help.

The cat regretted when the bigger dog came

Louie is the youngest so he is a little shy. And Leela seems to have a relaxed personality. Next thing you know, one-year-old Leela comes barreling in with Louie by her side. She is shielding him from any more attacks by Marvin. Realizing he is outnumbered and outmatched, Marvin jumps on top of the basin to prevent any personal injuries. Louie wags his tail happily as he is allowed to pass through into the room with his larger buddy by his side. The woman filming then exclaims at her cat: ‘Oh yeah, he brings in the big guns and you run!’  She continues to chuckle as Marvin tries to hide itself inside the bathroom basin.

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