Rescue Dog Is Unrecognizable After Being Saved And Freed From 6 Pounds Of Matted Fur

Rescue dog is unrecognizable (Video)

Simon the Shih Tzu didn’t even look like a dog on the day he was rescued. The poor pup weighed 20 pounds, and about 6 and a half of it was severely matted hair. It must’ve taken years for it to get that bad, but now, he finally gets to feel free. Our hearts really go out to dogs when they are struggling. Simon was found in a very difficult condition.

A man found Simon on his way to work. He didn’t know what kind of animal Simon was, but he knew the furry creature needed help. The stray dog couldn’t even walk, so the man contacted KC Pet Project who took in the neglected dog and helped him feel healthy again. They soon discovered that Simon was an 11-year-old Shih Tzu, so they quickly got to work on saving his life. It took them two hours, but they were able to remove over 6 pounds of matted hair from his body.

A wonderful transformation

Along the way, Simon has also become a social media star! People are lining up to adopt him, but the sweet Shih Tzu still needs time to heal and come out of his shell. “He’s one of the worst matted cases we’ve ever seen. We can only guess how long it took to get in this condition,” KC Pet Project wrote on Social Media. Simon’s skin is very dry, and he needs some dental work done, but other than that, he’s in great shape despite everything. Watch the video, he looks like a completely different dog in all the best ways.

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