Rescuer Tries To Feed Orphaned Kittens, This Dog Had Better Idea – Beautiful Instinct

This dog had a beautiful instinct (Video)

Pickens Animal Rescue” is a shelter for abandoned pets, in the small town of Jasper, Georgia. The animals that come here, get another chance at a normal life. It happens quite often that people throw into the street pregnant females, dogs or cats, thinking it’s too difficult to care for both the mother and her babies. This explains how the puppy Mary ended up at this shelter.

Being a mom isn’t easy, it takes a lot of love, care, and a whole lot of patience to be one! This dog just gave birth. But her maternal instinct is so strong that it extended to three other kittens who were dropped off at a shelter. Female dogs have amazing maternal instincts. We’ve seen female dogs with such strong maternal instincts that they even adopted other animals. Lucky for them they did not have to remain long without the aid of a loving mother.

A Mother’s Love!

In fact, this female beagle dog, Mary, did not hesitate to add these three orphaned kittens to her own litter although she already had seven puppies! This means that this female beagle now had a total of ten very young lives depending on her care and motherly love! However, this was not a problem for her because as you can see on the video, she doesn’t want to be separated from the kittens even for the time necessary for them to be fed by a volunteer! Watch the video, you have to see the special way she treats her adopted babies!

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