Returning Soldier Surprises His Giant Dog After Few Months Apart – Heartwarming Moment

Returning soldier surprises his giant dog (Video)

Nobody misses us quite like our dogs. And there is no better way to welcome someone home, than with their dog. They give us the best welcome homes that we could ever ask for. While all dog and owner reunions are emotional to a degree, there are some that are just adorable and make us feel good – like the reunion of Jason Floyd and his pup, Jaxson.

Jaxson was a Bullmastiff (18-month-old) and a quite impressive-looking giant with a heart of gold. He was all love. When his owner Jason was off at Army basic training, Jaxson obviously missed him. In fact, Jason’s mother, Lisa Floyd, who lived in Greenville, Rhode Island, had to put one of Jason’s old T-shirts on a pillow for the lonely pooch to snuggle up against. That is true love. Given that the then 19-year-old Jason was away for a whole 14 months, Jaxson had to get used to life without his best friend. But there eventually came some good news – Jason would be coming back from basic training. And when he finally showed up, Jaxson was not out of touch with his emotions.

He released all his happiness onto his best friend

In fact, he was so elated to see Jason coming back, that he released all his happiness onto his best friend. The moment the adorable big dog sees Jason, he zooms in on him like a stealth missile. Of course, the delighted dog-dad is enjoying the love fest, as you can see by the big smile on his face. Thank goodness Jason is in good shape, or we would imagine he’d be as flat as a pancake right now. As Lisa described the moment her son and his dog saw each other, she said, “It was very heartwarming and loving. I was grateful to be able to capture that so we can always have that, you know, that moment.” Watch the video, he launched himself – all 160 pounds of happy doggie – at Jason, pinning him to where he sat in his chair so he could cover him with kisses.

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