Rhino Sneaks Up And Startles Sleeping Dog – Hilarious Reaction

Rhinoceros sneaks up on sleeping dog (Video)

The footage was filmed in the village of Ratnagar in southern Nepal. A dog sound asleep on the side of a road nearly came out of its skin when a rhino strolled up and gently touched it. The video of the hilarious encounter was posted by Susanta Nanda of the Indian Forest Service. He wrote, “If you wanted any proof that the Rhinos are really gentle…”

Greater one-horned rhinos live in northeastern India and southern Nepal, but poaching and habitat loss mean that there are now only around 3,700 left. Luckily for the dog, all five species of rhinos are herbivores, eating mainly vegetation. So, it wasn’t ever in danger of being eaten – though being sat on definitely wouldn’t have been fun either. The dog woke from a deep sleep, lazily tilted its head back and, in a split second, recognized what was behind it and immediately ran off barking, probably trying to tell it to never do that again.

Rhino wakes up a dog sleeping on the road

The video that shows the rhino nudging the dog sleeping on the road is going insanely viral across social media platforms. What happens next is an expected reflex action from any living creature after being bothered by an animal twice its size. “Still, hard to come to terms with seeing a rhino staring at you from 6 inches away first thing in the morning when you wake up!” posted a user. “Thrilled Experience,” commented another. Watch the video, the dog is awakened by a curious rhinoceros.

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