Scared Dog Kept Crying After The Surgery – The Owner’s Reaction Was Adorable

Prepare to fall in love! (Video)

This Labrador, named Jack Daniel, had to undergo surgery, few months ago, in order to remove a lump from his neck. The experience was no doubt traumatic for all parties involved. It’s hard when we have to send our pets to the vet for a procedure. You constantly wonder if they really understand that the scary experience is all for their own good. Those of us with pets know that they are also a member of the family, and nobody likes to see their loved ones sick—especially with something as scary as a lump in their neck.

Although Jack Daniel’s surgery was difficult for all parties involved, in the end, it was a success and the lump was safely removed. The scared little Lab finally got to be reunited with his owner just in time for the Holidays, and it was in this moment that the video was made. The minute-long clip shows the room decorated for Christmas with a festive tree and a stack of presents. In front of the setup sits Jack Daniel’s owner with the pup nestled lovingly in his arms. The dog’s paws clasp the man’s shoulders, and the dog remains motionless as he huddles into his owner’s chest.

The pup nestled lovingly in his arms

Jack’s back is erect and his bum is on the floor, giving him the appearance of a furry, little child grasping onto their parent’s neck. The man, for his part, looks peaceful and thankful, simply stroking Jack’s furry back and planting kisses on his head. In the video, you can see that surgery has left the pup with shaved portions of fur and set of sutures. At one point, I think I see a few tears in the owner’s eye. Watch the video and grab a box of tissues, this moment touched my heart! 

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