Scared Stray Dog Completely Changes After Rescuer Gives Him A Hug

Dog changes after rescuer gives him a hug (Video)

Animals that have been left out on their own to fend for themselves have every reason to be terrified, even when a kind-hearted person readily takes them in to care for them. It’s even worse when they have experienced abuse and are expected to just warm up easily to a new family. But thanks to Hope For Paws, another dog is given the opportunity to live a happier, healthier life. The team received a phone call about a sad, scared little dog. They immediately drove to where the dog was (Los Angeles).

The scared dog wouldn’t even look at any of the team members directly. Using a low, coaxing tone, Eldad Hagar tried his best to get the dog from its spot – a cold place with concrete walls and bars. According to him, the dog was so scared and nervous that it was shaking in fear and even tried to disappear into the corner of the wall when he approached. The poor dog stood on its hind legs, leaning against the wall and keeping its head turned from Eldad. It was so shaken up that every approach seemed to be futile.

The dog was so scared and nervous

The trembling dog kept its head lowered but Eldad wasn’t giving up that easily. He tried once more to gently reach out by holding a gloved hand out. To his surprise, the fearful dog finally relented and Eldad was able to secure it. He knew what McKenzie needed the most, so he took the frightened dog into his arms. The dog, which Eldad named McKenzie, very slowly adjusted to a comfortable position on Eldad’s lap. More than rescuing and nourishment, what McKenzie needed was love. Lots of it. Eldad made sure their first encounter would put McKenzie at ease. Watch the video, McKenzie’s story started out sad and heartbreaking but thanks to Eldad’s efforts, the dog has finally seen the silver lining of it all.

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