Sea Lion Almost Attacks Little Girl As Parents Decide to Record Her Mounting It

The little girl sat on the back of a sea lion (Video)

Something young and old should know: Any animals are unpredictable and it’s important to be respectful. Domesticated or not, animals can act out when you least expect it. Case in point, this video of a sea lion almost attacking a child has surfaced online. The clip shows a little girl mounting a sea lion so that her parents could record her sitting on the animal’s back resting on the road.

However, moments later, as soon as the animal realizes its presence, the sea lion violently turns its head and tries to attack it with its jaws. The location of the video or when it was recorded is yet to be known. The clip ends with the little girl falling on the road. A man, believed to be her father, is also seen rushing to her, picking the kid up and moving her away from the animal. 

The parents chose to put their child in danger just to record this video

This video is really scary and also a lesson for people not to take their children in front of such a dangerous animal, as it can be fatal. It could have ended much worse. Wild animals are not for our entertainment and should be left alone! One user wrote, “This man is stupid. She should be accused of endangering children.” Another user wrote, “This girl is lucky that the sea lion did not attack her, but encouraged her to get off her back.” ‘Watch the video, people are slapping her parents after watching their behavior.

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