Senior Dog With Poor Eyesight Recognizes His Owner By Sniffing – Heartwarming Moment

Heartwarming moment (Video)

As canines grow old, just like humans they too go through a lot of health conditions. Right from poor eyesight to medical conditions with their legs, it takes quite a toll on them. Especially dogs who are visually challenged their only means of identifying and communicating with their owner is by smell. With superior hearing and smelling senses, they can recognize their loved ones very easily.

At 15, this Cocker Spaniel can’t see as well as she used to, but she hasn’t lost any pep in her step. Unsure of what, or who, it is she is hearing, the dog perks up curiously. She ambles forward to investigate with her nose. As we all know, dog noses are much more sensitive than our own, and in more ways than one. So, the video being talked about holds a special place in the netizens’ heart. A tender moment between the human and canine and the joy in the dog’s eyes when she ‘sniffs’ her human is absolutely unparalleled.

The joy in the dog’s eyes

Having poor eyesight, the only way she would be able to know is to smell the person in front of her. As soon as she realizes she is the one, she does her ‘zoomies’ around the place in excitement. When the Cocker Spanier discovers who she is smelling, she jumps for joy and bursts into zooms around her human friends. Watch the video, it was an absolute tear fest in the comments section as all of them not only enjoyed the heartwarming moment.

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