Serial squirrel bandits drive Toronto store owner nuts! Watch what happens!

Watch what happen!

A group of squirrels are driving the owners of one Toronto convenience store nuts, after the rodents have been caught on tape stealing chocolate bars from their shop. Cindy Kim, whose family owns Luke’s Grocery, told that squirrels have stolen around 48 chocolate bars from store shelves over the last few months. She recalled what happened when her dad saw a squirrel taking a Kinder Bueno bar and started filming. “He couldn’t actually catch the squirrel and get the bar back, so instead of doing nothing with the video, we decided to go to Reddit to get some advice to see how we can stop the squirrels from getting more chocolate bars,” she said.

The video shows the furry bandits — a light grey-brown squirrel and a black one — inching tentatively into the store, grabbing bars from a low shelf and then quickly scurrying out to the street. “We have chased after them and so have people in the store, but they often get away and one or two bars a day adds up profit-wise,” Kim said. “It’s a different bar each time – O’Henry, Mr. Big, etc. It happens about once every two to three days,” said Kim.

What to do? Any solution?

She said the squirrel manages to break into the store through a door left open in the warm months because of excessive heat emitted from the motors of fridges and coolers. Closing it is not an option because of high hydro costs, she said, noting they’ve also tried calling animal services, who couldn’t help. “People mostly recommended putting up a fence or closing the door” which Jenny said would affect accessibility and during warmer days, it’s too difficult to operate. “During the fall time, it was pretty hot so we had to keep the door open,” she said. “We couldn’t turn up (the air conditioning) and keep the door closed because it would end up being really expensive.Watch the video… one rodent waiting for coast to be all clear before pouncing on candy and scurrying away, so FUNNY!

Jenny said the family is hoping for a more effective solution to stop the thieving squirrels, but for now weather is on their side. “Since it’s winter time, we can afford to keep the door closed. But hopefully during the spring and summer time, the squirrels won’t learn to come back.”

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Right now, we are considering all the options.


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