She Asks Her Dog To “Bark Softer” – His Hilarious Reaction Has Internet Cracking Up

His reaction is hilarious (Video)

We’ve seen some dogs with pretty impressive tricks before. To make their owners smile, dogs will do all kinds of cute tricks. They gained our admiration and stole our hearts with their tricks. Some dogs are harder to train than others—for instance, Shiba Inus are notoriously hard to train. But one Shiba Inu proved the exception to this rule. We have never seen anything as impressive as the dog in this video! This clever Shiba Inu, Mame, learned an incredibly difficult trick.

This adorable Shiba Inu learned how to change the volume of his bark. Mame lives in Japan with his owner. The video begins by showing Mame barking at his normal volume to its mom who is holding a treat behind the camera. “Is this how you bark?” she asks, slightly scolding him. He barks again in response. “You can bark a little softer, right?” Mame’s owner asks. In response, Mame barks a little quieter. Then, Mame’s owner asks if he can bark even softer, and Mame immediately gives a quiet bark. Mame’s owner asks if he can bark softer than that, and Mame gives the softest bark yet.

He get more and more quiet

The video is being unveiled on a game or talk show, and the viewers’ faces in the top left corner show they’re both baffled and amused. The Siba Inu doesn’t just reply with a soft bark, he gets more and more quiet until he’s barely whispering! “You’re so cute, so cute,” Mame’s owner says. Mame barks again in response. The video’s English subtitles say this is a ‘cute bark,’ and we have to agree! Watch the video, it quickly went massively viralover 10 million people have watched Mame’s soft bark!

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