She Breaks Down When Camera Reveals What Her Loyal Dog Does Home All Day

She was at first heartbroken when she watched the footage (Video)

As if we needed more proof that dogs are the loyalist creatures on earth, footage captured from a home security camera shows a patient pup waiting by the window for his owner to come home. Well, that doesn’t like such a big deal. Accept this pup was recorded waiting by that window for 10 straight hours! In the video, we see the faithful dog staring longingly out of a window inside a home in China.

As you might suspect, Pi Dan, the one-year-old border collie, whose name means “naughty,” was overwhelmed with joy after his owner finally makes it home. When he spotted Ms Zhang returning home from the window at about 5.45pm, Naughty instantly leapt off the bed and rushed to greet her, jumping with excitement. She said that she was at first heartbroken when she watched the footage but said her loyal pup’s unwavering devotion also heartened her. “It broke my heart seeing that footage, but I have no other way.” said Ms Zhang. She added having a nine-to-five office job gave her stability, but also prevented her from spending more time with Naughty.

The dog waits patiently for his owner

“He does it very often. Most of the time, he would spend the entire morning just waiting there. Sometimes he would maybe take a short nap in the afternoon. I try my best to take him everywhere to play during weekends and holidays. I also considered keeping another dog, but I was worried that they would both wait for me. I would be even more heartbroken.” said Ms. Zhang. Watch the video, thankfully, Pi Dan’s long wait was well worth it because that’s just how much he loves his mom!

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