She Brings Home A New Puppy – The Older Dog’s Reaction Will Melt Your Heart!

The dog’s reaction will melt your heart! (Video)

There’s nothing quite like seeing a dog smile! When you see a happy dog, it’s nearly impossible to not break into a smile yourself. How can you possibly be in a bad mood when you’ve got a gorgeous pup staring right at you with a grin on their face? It’s not humanly possible! Lulu is so loving that the family decided to bring home a new puppy to give her the opportunity to spread the love a little bit! Turns out humans aren’t the only ones who gallop with glee when we get a new gift. Dogs do it, too!

Their gorgeous Golden Retriever, Lulu, is such a happy dog, but she’s about to become so much happier! Their dog is always so loving and kind and loves getting hugs. That’s why they wanted to give her the best surprise possible. The couple had just got themselves a little puppy. Another Golden Retriever called Benson. As thrilled as they were, they knew Lulu would also be over the moon. So they decided to surprise her with the news.

Something exciting was happening!

The video opens with Lulu sitting patiently as her owner enters the room with a big bag. At that moment Lulu immediately spots her new little sibling. She cannot hide her excitement when she realizes what is happening! You can see how giddy she is as she starts running around the room. The two dogs have become the best of pals – a happy family all around. What a lovely reaction! The family was relieved to see that Lulu loved Benson right away. Though Lulu has always been friendly, older dogs sometimes get jealous when a new puppy is brought home, but this dog had no issue with this at all! Watch the video as this gorgeous dog gets a puppy surprise. 

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