She Calls Each Dog For Dinner. Watch The Dog In The Back When He Discovers He’s Last!

Watch the dog in the back! (Video)

These dogs were all trained very well and learned to wait until their name is called to go out and eat. I’ve never seen such a patient, well-trained dog pack before! What makes it especially praise-worthy is that these pups are taught using positive reinforcement… And to think, I can’t even get my one dog to come when I call her name. I’m beyond impressed by this incredible moment.

The trainer calls each dog, one-by-one, by their names as they gladly and immediately respond to her. “Ginger!” “Nellie! “Lexie!” As the roll call continues, the dogs run beyond the fence one-by-one. Can you imagine the time and dedication it takes to teach a motley crew of canines to wait their turn like this? In the end, the whole gang has made it to the other side without a hitch — well, the whole gang except for one lone pup. One very goofy lone pup.

The dog is protesting his treatment!

One dog is about to prove that sometimes the best protests are of the silent variety. Everything is going smoothly until the Labrador in the back passively lets his opinion be known about going last. The labrador in the back hilariously has his back turned to her making us all wonder what is really going on in his mind. It seems there’s always one clown in the bunch – and Echo certainly is bringing a smile to everyone’s face even making his owner burst out laughing. What a funny dog! While the other dogs are more than content to give undivided attention to their owner, Echo’s back is turned as if to say “I don’t have to stand for this kind of treatment.” Watch the video and see what happens to Echo in the epic conclusion to this amazing roll call. No wonder they couldn’t stop laughing!

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