Mom Feeds Dog Treat But It’s The Dog With The Toy That Has The Internet In Laughter

Watch the dog with the toy! (Video)

We all know the saying “sharing is caring” – but sometimes that’s easier said than done! Fortunately for these two adorable white labradors named Grace and Cuba, they have no qualms about sharing their favorite teddy bear. But not all dogs behave the same way! According to Cesar Milan, a dog’s natural possessive nature is something that can be corrected. By implementing the use of treats (like this smart puppy mom does in this video), you can show dogs that sharing can be rewarding. In addition to being possessive over toys, dogs can also be territorial when it comes to food.

An easy way to correct this is by having set feeding times and training the dogs to wait patiently before running to their food bowls. As always, it’s best to take each individual dog’s personality into consideration before starting them on any training routine with another pup! Thankfully, Grace and Cuba are best friends and have no problem sharing their favorite stuffed animal. As if their patience and obedience isn’t impressive enough, one of the precious pups holds their teddy bear in his mouth and waits until the other finishes chomping their snack. Then he gently passes the raggedy teddy bear to his furry companion! This is the perfect way to show them that sharing is okay and it’s better when they both get a turn with the teddy bear!

It’s time to switch!

Mom feeds one of them treats as the other holds the bear. Then it’s time to switch! It’s absolutely adorable! It’s so sweet how these two best buddies gently latches onto the stuffed animal and removes it from the pal’s mouth. This exchange goes on until their mom runs out of treats. All of us with pups can take this lesson and apply it in our own home! Watch the video and take a peek at this heartwarming training session for yourself.

‘This toy is not mine, it’s ours!’ They prove that dogs can be selfless best pals!

This heartwarming footage is such a sweet display of friendship that us humans could learn a thing or two from!


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