She finds a chewed-up remote control: The dog’s reaction is HILARIOUS!

When his owner ask him for an “explanation” (Video)

Even if you have to fight your significant other for the remote, you should never have to fight your dog for it. Because of its size, shape and smell, your remote control may be irresistible to your dog.  Although sometimes we think that our four-legged friends do not know what really irritates us and what does not, however, just watching a video like this one brings us to the opposite conclusion!

Dogs love chewing things that smell like family — it’s reassuring to them. And few household items are more likely to be packed with the smell of so many family members than a remote control. In a way, your pup’s persistent gnawing is a compliment — clearly, he’s fond of you!

Who’s the Guilty One?

As a matter of fact, this naughty puppy has just chewed-up and heavily damaged the TV remote control, and when it is cornered shows its guilt with an adorable expression of wariness and fear! When pets make a mess or do something wrong, in the majority of the cases they are perfectly aware that sooner or later someone will find out. Watch his reaction when his owner ask him for an “explanation”!

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