She introduces her belly to her dog but she didn’t expect this reaction!

She didn’t expect this reaction!

I can’t think of a better gift you could give your child than to grow up with a pet. You may not realize it when you’re young, but having a pet around the house can help you grow and learn in so many ways. Dogs, like the loving protector in this video, act as best friends and babysitters. They also make the tough times a little bit easier for our little ones.

However, just like when you bring a new pet home, there can always be a little healthy competition between the new baby or new pet and preexisting family members. It’s funny how dogs like this one can sense when a woman is pregnant and react in such different ways — while some canines get super protective of their mommy or daddy, others get extremely jealous of the tiny newcomer.

I was blown away!

Mother-to-be Stephania Sayler wanted to try to let her puppy Junie know that she had a new, human baby sister on the way. At first, I definitely didn’t expect the little pup to understand, but after a few seconds, I was blown away!! Not only does it look like Junie understands that Stephania has a baby on the way, it looks like she completely approves, too! Watch the video … Here’s a clip that proves man’s best friend can also be our most loyal protector…no matter how old or young they are!

Expectant parents have to choose their words carefully to break the news to soon-to-be-grandparents and siblings, but just how do you tell a beloved pet that they will soon have to share your affections?

At regardless, I positively didn’t imagine that the little pup will see, yet taking following a few seconds, I was blown away. Not just does it look like Junie distances that Stephania has a child in travel, undoubtedly she totally embraces, moreover!


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