She Pushes The Duvet While Sleeping – Dog’s Reaction To Keeping Her Warm Is Adorable

Dog’s reaction is adorable (Video)

A caring dog has touched the hearts of millions after footage has emerged of it tucking its owner into bed. The video shared on social media with more than 2.6 million views shows the cream-coloured Labrador sleeping with its owner on the bed while a security camera recorded everything. The young woman revealed that she installed the security camera in order to monitor her puppy’s behavior.

Truth be told, as she let him sleep next to her, she was curious to know what the puppy would do while she slept. But, certainly, nothing could prepare her for the beautiful scene she found the next day, so she didn’t hesitate to share it in the nets. It leans its head over to the young woman, who appears to be sleeping soundly. The scenes reveal the moment when the concerned puppy realizes that his owner makes an involuntary movement with her arm, removing the blanket and being discovered. While she stretches her arm and pushes the duvet away, the smart dog wakes up and drags it across to cover her chest.

Nothing could prepare her for this beautiful scene

The Labrador is seen gently pulling up the blanket to make sure the owner does not to catch a cold. In the video you can see how the cunning little dog soon realizes that its owner is probably cold after unconsciously discovering it. And faster than flying, but with infinite delicacy not to wake her, he shelters her very carefully again. The puppy takes the blanket furtively with his teeth and drags it until it is completely covered. Watch the video, in a beautiful act of love that leads the whole world to tears.

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