She Stops in Front of a Decorated Gate And Bursts Out Laughing – It’s An Original Idea

It’s an original idea! (Video)

Dogs are very curious animals, especially when someone wants to come home. A lady was walking down the street when she spotted something hilarious. Jenny Polhill, 26, said that she had been walking her parents’ dog when she spotted one dog lying on the ground on the other side of the gates. She said: ‘I saw the holes a few months ago, but I’ve never actually managed to see any of the dogs looking out through them. Then at the weekend, I was walking and I saw the front paws of one of the dogs which was obviously lying down behind the gate.”

‘So I went over and called to it – and then all the others came running, and they all poked their noses out through the holes. It was amazing to finally see them looking out like that, because I’ve seen the holes a few times before but never seen them in use.’ she said. The curious Siberian huskies have become quite an attraction peering out at passers-by in their hometown of St Neots, Cambridgeshire. Their eyes and noses are often all seen in a row, looking out the little ‘Mickey Mouse’ holes at the bottom of the gates. Owner Andy Grannell, 57, said he drilled the holes into the wooden gate not long after he and his fiancee, Maxine Adamson, moved into the house. He said: ‘Initially when we bought the house, there were no gates – but we needed gates there because of the dogs.We had the big gates put in, but then we noticed that the dogs would poke their noses out the gap at the bottom of the gates, to try and catch a glimpse outside. They’re quite nosey and inquisitive and they like to see what’s going on when they hear noise outside the gates. So I thought, rather than making them crick their necks to peer under the gates, I thought it would be quite nice for them to be able to look out from their normal heights.’

She spotted all four dogs peering through their holes

So Andy set about drilling the holes for his five Siberian huskies – 12-year-olds Amber, Topaz and Talon, and three-year-olds Rocky and Vinnie. Andy’s huskies gained particular attention last weekend when Jenny Polhill recorded a video when she spotted all four dogs peering through their holes. Locals reacted to her Facebook post, with some saying they had waited ‘years’ to catch a glimpse of the dogs looking out through their holes. One social media user wrote: ‘My children have been waiting years to see this! They are never looking out if we walk by.’ Watch the video, it’s an original idea!

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