She takes in his hands a premature puppy. Look at the cat’s reaction!

Look at the cat’s reaction!

Four Chihuahua puppies born premature this week at Florida, SPCA (organization dedicated to improving the lives of pets) have joined a litter of cats after they were shunned by their mother. A Chihuahua went into premature labor and gave birth four puppies, but two of them died shortly afterward. The two survivors weighed only a few of ounces and were about as long as a person’s index finger.

They were rejected by the mother dog, leaving the hours-old puppies with very little chance of survival without a mother’s care, according SPCA staff. The two puppies were introduced to Nessy, a 2-year-old Siamese mix that gave birth to four kittens last week, and the pups were immediately accepted into the litter. The mother cat was nursing and grooming the two pups. SPCA staff have used the technique before and expect the kittens and puppies to bond and play together as they grow up.




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