She was abandoned while in labor but watch when she finally sees her pups!

She finally sees her pups

Any story of an abandoned dog is a tragedy, but it becomes even more heartbreaking when the circumstances include unborn puppies and a struggling mama barely able to survive.  In the video, a Shih Tzu who was abandoned at the East Valley Shelter in Los Angeles while in labor got a helping hand from a rescue after they were told the dog and her puppies were in danger. The small dog was severely malnourished and covered in matted knots. Her fur was so bad that her puppies were not able to nurse. She was left to fend for herself during one of the most challenging moments of her little life. Can you imagine? It never ceases to amaze me how cruel some people can be.

The Bill Foundation received the urgent call to help the new family and immediately drove to the shelter. They named the mom Asha Attie and rushed her and her pups to the vet. It took 90 minutes to shave off all her matted fur. She looked over anxiously at her puppies nearby for the entire time. The moment she was next to her puppies, they began to nurse successfully. Asha (and her rescuers) were very relieved! And the wonderful news continued after their rescue. The Attie family all gone on to loving homes since this video was made.



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