Soldier’s Heartwarming Reunion With Military Dog Touched Everyone At The Airport

Heartwarming moment (Video)

Retired Marine Sgt. Jacob Varela didn’t care who heard his girly, high-pitched screams that day at Chicago’s Midway Airport. That’s because the U.S. Marine Corps vet was about to be reunited with someone he hadn’t seen in over two years, and containing his emotions was not his radar. Jacob was caught running like a little boy towards his furry 9-year-old pal, all the onlookers couldn’t help but feel a wave of happiness overcome them as the precious moment unfolded.

Jacob and his fur-buddy served together in special operations unit for three years, and they weren’t just work friends – they were family. Even the most mundane things, like drinking water, was done as a tight-knit unit! “We were together for everything. Everywhere I went, he was with me. When we were out in the field… he was with me. If I was drinking water, he was drinking water; if I was eating, he was eating. He becomes like your teammate,” Jacob said. Unfortunately, the two were separated for 2 years, but all of that was about to change. When Varela learned his old buddy could no longer work due to his age, the former canine handler decided to adopt the pooch and bring him home for good.

This is the beginning of a whole new life

That’s when Mission K-9 Rescue stepped in to help reunite the former comrades. And boy was that reunion a bark out loud blast! “These dogs serve with these guys. They spend 24/7 training with them, putting their lives on the line together, so there’s a bond that we can’t understand,” said Kristen Maurer with Mission K-9 Rescue. You know a man is the happiest he’ll ever be when his voice suddenly rises four octaves as he spots a long lost friend off in the distance. And all the hootin’ and hollerin’ that was spilling out of Jacob’s mouth spoke volumes about a guy who was sorely missing his best doggy friend. Watch the video and see their heartwarming reunion. 

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