St Bernard Doesn’t See The Glass Window – The Video Leaves Everyone Speechless

Saint Bernard versus window (Video)

The set of smart new glass windows hadn’t long been installed, but the owner’s joy quickly disappeared thanks to her careless St Bernard. Our love for our pets is unconditional, but that’s not to say that our loveable four-legged friends sometimes don’t put it to the test!

Ronel Ferreira had just had new windows and a sliding glass window installed in her new salon. But she hadn’t anticipated the impact her beloved Saint Bernard would have on the new installation. In the video, you see Ronel stroll across the garden towards the sliding door. She opens it and walks into the room, leaving the door open for her Saint Bernard, who follows in behind her.

The large dog suddenly bolts towards one of the windows

The dog enters the room, looks around, and after hearing barking outside, seemingly changes his mind and decides he wants to go back out in the garden. But that’s when everything goes awry. Rather than heading out through the open door he came in, the large dog suddenly bolts towards one of the windows, causing the entire window frame to fall to the ground and the glass to smash onto the grass. Watch the video, the owner appears frozen to the spot with her eyes fixed on the broken window and her hand covering her mouth in shock!

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