Starving Polar Bear Asks Human For Help After Getting Can Stuck on His Tongue

Troubled polar bear asks humans for help (Video)

A 2-year-old female polar bear pleaded with humans for help after getting a tin can stuck in its mouth. In order to get help, she wandered up to a settlement called Dikson and seemingly begged the residents for relief. Her tongue was caught in a can of condensed milk. A video shows a man trying to help the bear, but the can appears to be lodged too deeply in its mouth to make much of a difference.

“The bear got so exhausted with the can, it was coming to us and sticking its tongue out. But it was impossible to help without traumatizing the bear, so people gave up.” said one man. Eventually, a team from Moscow Zoo showed up and was able to use a dart to safely tranquilize the bear, remove the can and treat any cuts on its tongue. Mikhail Alshinetsky, a vet from a zoo, said the bear was thin and a little dehydrated but its injuries were expected to heal.

Starving and unable to eat or drink

In a report this week, scientists from Canada and the US have warned that hungry polar bears are increasingly turning to garbage dumps to fill their stomachs as their habitat disappears due to climate change. “We hope that everything will be fine. We left some fish near the bear because she had been without food and water for quite a long time,” she said. The bear will remain under observation for several days and then it will be taken to its natural habitat with a supply of fish. Watch the video, the animal was unable to eat, and her legs were shaking from hunger and dehydration.

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