Stray Dog Lies Every Day In The Same Spot Waiting For Someone To Adopt Him

He finally discovers the happiness of being adopted (Video)

A pet rescue organization called Howl Of A Dog met a stray dog they named Remy when they were visiting a rural town in Romania to conduct a spay-neuter campaign. That’s when they spotted Remy, or rather, he spotted them. They immediately noticed that the young dog had a nose scar. According to Howl Of A Dog, the muzzle burn was the result of cruel superstition among the people of this town. Apparently, they believe that if they put a red-hot iron on a dog’s nose, it will boost their immunity system and help cure distemper. Remy’s nose injury is the result of an outrageous belief in some villages in Romania. What an outrageous belief!

Despite the terrible thing about this situation, Remy seemed to have successfully survived this abuse, and many others that seem to be quite common in the locality. Most dogs in rural areas of Romania are considered to guard dogs or protective “tools”. For some reason the first responders were unaware, Remy’s family ignored him and let him defend himself, effectively turning him into a stray dog. Then Remy roamed the city and slept outside a small grocery store, where a friendly merchant fed him every day. As this care was not enough to keep the animal well, the volunteers set out to find a home for the dog. Despite Remy’s friendly disposition, the rescue could not find anyone in the village to adopt him.

A second chance

It’s like waiting for someone. It’s as if, for the first time in his life, someone is noticing and would take him home. It was hard for rescuers to understand how anyone had denied such a special and loving dog a second chance. Howl For A Dog writes: “Remy is the most wonderful dog one could ever wish for: friendly, smart, very loving with everyone, good with other dogs, obedient, house trained.” Instead of leaving the sweet dog on the streets, they decided to take it with them. Remy has been fortunately placed in a temporary home until the time comes for him to enjoy a family that decides to keep him forever. Watch the video, now Remy is a very different dog who lives happily in her foster home!

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