Stray Dog Mom Hides Pups From Rescuers At An Unsafe Location – Heartwarming Rescue

Heartwarming rescue (Video)

When California-based animal rescue organization Hope For Paws got a call about a trio of homeless dogs, they went off in search of two male dogs and one very pregnant female Labrador. When rescuers arrived, they spotted the two male dogs and realized the female was no longer pregnant. They realized that his rescue operation was going to be about more than just rescuing the adult dogs and finding them homes. It was time to find where mama had stashed her puppies, but it wouldn’t be easy. The rescuers played some puppy sounds on his phone to get the dog to lead them to her litter, but she tried to trick them by “guarding” a false location.

She quickly led him farther into the enclosed lot towards some heavy vegetation, and Eldad Hagar, one of the rescuers, and the other two volunteers hoped this meant that the puppies would be easy enough to find. Unfortunately, the mom was all too willing to use a common deception trick to her advantage; she guarded a fake location to make Hagar think her puppies were there, while in reality they were still hidden away somewhere else entirely! Hagar knew that the abandoned area where the three adult dogs had been spotted was just above the busy, rushing 105 speedway, which made for an incredibly unsafe location for the mom and her new pups. So they acted quickly!

A second chance to have a happy life

They eventually wandered and sought out the mom by approaching from the busy highway side of the brush. From there, it was just a matter of regaining her trust with food. They fed Mom and convinced her to part with her pups just long enough to pick all of them out from under the dense brush and bring them back to the Hope For Paws rescue vehicle for transport to a veterinary clinic. Now, the mom has been named Amazon, and she’s been given a second chance to have a happy life—hopefully with her pups. The Socal Labrador Retriever Rescue offered to foster Amazon and her litter, who were named Hudson, Nile, Trinity, Lena, Seine, Tigris, and Yukon. Watch the video, it’s a beautiful and touching rescue!

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