Stray Mother Dog Chases After Truck That Took Her Puppies – Mother’s Love

She chases after truck that took her puppies (Video)

For dogs in the wild, having pups can be a very stressful experience. One stray dog in Korea had given birth to a litter of puppies underneath a pile of wood in a construction site. The team at Korean K9 Rescue had been trying to capture her for several days, but, nervous and distrustful of her rescuers, she had managed to avoid them so far. It was a race against time to pull the dog and her pups out of the site, which the locals had warned was being demolished. The team kept their distance for a while, leaving food and water for the hungry family. Finally, Karlee, a dog rescuer involved in the operation, managed to get close to the little ones. But mom still wasn’t keen on the human attention.

Unfortunately, the team didn’t have the traps that rescuers commonly use in the US to bring an animal to safety. So they tried using the mom’s puppies to catch her in a number of different ways. But nothing was working, she wouldn’t even get in the back of a car with her babies inside, and no food could bring her out of hiding. They were out of ideas and concerned about her wellbeing. And of course, the wellbeing of the puppies who were missing their mom. Then, a local who had been periodically leaving food out for the strays at the site came up with an amazing suggestion. He believed that if they put the crate of puppies on the back of his truck, that their mother would chase after them. She followed the truck down the street towards Karlee’s house. Of course, the man was sure to take his time and make it easy for the mama dog to keep up. They made stops along the way to give mom a break from running and offer her some water.

The power of what a mom is capable of

Karlee couldn’t believe that the mama dog was really chasing after the car. When they got to their destination it was clear she was relieved and couldn’t wait to be reunited with her puppies again. She stayed outside Karlee’s house for days, still too scared to be in such close proximity to humans. She was dedicated and wouldn’t leave her pups, but just couldn’t put her trust in Karlee and Jon. Finally, after cooking some chicken, Karlee managed to lure mom into her house. After a week of staying stand-offish, she finally gave in and went inside the house to be with her babies. Watch the video for the full rescue story of Hinsoona and her pups. This just goes to show that there’s nothing stronger than a mother’s love.

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