Talented Husky Steals The Spotlight From Mum Singing Guns ‘N Roses

Dog sing a duet of the guns n’ roses song ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’(Video)

Huskies seem to have taken the internet by storm with their funny antics, but I bet you’ve never heard a dog make a sound quite like this before. Meet Cash, a five-year-old Siberian Husky. He was rescued by his mom, Megan Vaughan, when he was just a year old. His previous owner had surrendered him to Taysia Blue Rescue, a shelter that specializes in Nordic breeds, because he was an escape artist.

Unfortunately, many people don’t research the breed before they decide to get a husky – that’s why they are one of the most abandoned breeds in the world. However, Megan did her research before deciding that Cash would be a good fit, and now she can’t imagine her life without him! The 37-year-old radio personality and performer has recorded many of his hilarious antics. Megan’s impressive range and her howling husky buddy’s backing vocals seem to be an endless source of comedic gold.

This dog just loves to sing

Megan says that Cash began howling when he heard YouTube videos of other dogs howling. And he hasn’t stopped since. “One day, I just started howling back at him,” she explained. Megan and Cash’s latest offering is a soulful rendition of Guns ‘N Roses’ “Sweet Child ‘O Mine.” And by the looks of things, it’s set to be another smash hit. Cash delivers a performance that would put Axl Rose to shame. Watch the video, it opens with Megan in the frame, singing the refrain of the popular ballad like a pro.

When Megan hits those iconic high notes, Cash tips his head back and starts to howl. His voice is soft at first, but then he seems to really get into it.

Source: www.youtube.com

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