That’s Why You Should NEVER Try To Remove a Nest Of Asian Hornets Yourself!

An impressive attack! (Video)

After slipping into southwest France 10 years ago in a pottery shipment from China Asian hornets have since invaded more than half the country. Now France is fighting back, using drones, poisoned rods and even chickens. The Asian hornet is considered a “public enemy” in parts of France where it devours native bees and, experts say, threatens biodiversity. But some kind of solution may be in sight. Pest controller Etienne Roumailhac is exhausted, called to destroy at least six nests a day in the Landes region on the Atlantic coast.

Each nest can house thousands of hornets. “I find them everywhere: garden sheds, mail boxes, car radiators, watering cans,” he said. “Eighty percent of my calls are now in cities or towns or right nearby. It’s going wild. Some people in France stung by the “killer” hornets died from anaphylactic shock, but the French Anti-Poison Centre contends that they are no more dangerous than other bees or wasps. “ They’re huge, they’re deadly, and they’re straight-up annihilating bees by the thousands. Etienne was called today to destroy a nest of Asian hornets. The insects have taken up residence near a construction site in a bramble bush. Impossible for the workers to work in these conditions. Fully equipped, Etienne starts to spray insecticide on the nest. Almost immediately, the Asian hornets go on the attack!

They don’t want to leave the nest!

Fortunately, Etienne is well protected… in a few seconds he is attacked by hundreds of Asian hornets. As you can see, these creatures are an impressive size and do not hesitate to sting if the nest is in danger. Etienne continues to spray the pesticides on the nest but he sayd that insects spit him venom. Stretch your ear, and you’ll hear the sound of the hornets shouting against the pest controller’s protective helmet. Watch the video, this is why you need to bring a specialist if Asian hornets are coming to your home!

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