The Baby Wants To Include The Cat For A Nap. Her Solution Is Just ADORABLE!

Her solution is just adorable! (Video)

Most cats are very sweet in nature.  Many have very nice personalities and are often found of small children. Who wouldn’t want to be napping buddies with a cat like this one? So when it’s time for a nap, this little sweetheart chases down the cat with her blanket in hand for a lesson. The cat is found sitting around and minding his own business, but the little girl does everything she can to teach him how to nap. There’s nothing better than a happy, purring cat by your side when you settle down for a nap.

She grabs her soft pink blanket and tosses it over the cat to get him snuggled in. But when the cat doesn’t cooperate, she’s still determined to get this idea to work. She comes in closer, trying to get the cat to agree. So a new plan comes to mind. Kneeling to the floor, she demonstrates how to nap, and lays her head gently to the floor. She looks up to see the cat’s progress, and to her great pleasure he stayed put. She quickly got up to keep him warm and comfortable right where he was. She tossed the blanket over the cat for the final time, hoping this would be the winner.

It’s nap time!

The cat looked agreeable in his new nap place right there on the floor, so she tucked him in. She sweetly gave him a big hug to keep him happy, and patted him on the belly to stay put exactly where he was. This very adorable video is proof that with the proper supervision some cats do just fine around smaller children. While parents should always be proactive when any animals come near their child, allowing family pets to bond with kids is important. It gives both the child and the pet a lasting relationship that both of parties involved can learn from. Watch the video, I really enjoyed and I think you will too. Let’s face it, who doesn’t love watching animals and babies?

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