The Cockatiel Approaches The Baby, What He Does Is ADORABLE – Look At The Baby’s Reaction!

Look At The Baby’s Reaction!

There’s nothing cuter than seeing how pets react when they welcome the new baby home, and that goes for birds too. Life is made colorful with our pet pals around. They add color and zest to our everyday living and in return they give us unconditional love. A proud parent shared this adorable video of their cockatiel singing to their 2-week-old son. The little bird lovingly sings a sweet lullaby to the infant that’s simply heart-melting! 

In the video which has quickly captured a lot of attention online, the bird can be seen singing lovingly to the baby who just could not look away. The cockatiel welcomes him with happiness. The little bird took a lot of effort in singing affectionately to sing a sweet lullaby to the newborn member of the family. The baby looks on with interest as a cockatiel sings to him. The child looks to be taking the sound of the music all in and absorbing the melody. It was super cute and heart-melting! Now this baby sure prefers the sound of a cockatiel’s songs to any lullaby.

The baby is absolutely fascinated!

Obviously, the bird’s only motivation is to soothe and bond with the baby, but a few people who saw the video had their own theory of what message they think the bird may be trying to pass across. Isn’t it just fantastic when the house pet feels comfortable with a newborn in the home and tries to build a relationship? It is interesting to note that Cockatiels are not likely to sing to people they do not like. So obviously, after being around this baby for just two weeks, the bird already feels very close to him. Watch the video as he sings softly and beautifully to this precious 2-week-old infant.

This beloved cockatiel already has a soft spot in his heart for the new baby in the family.

The baby is absolutely fascinated by the sounds coming out of this little guy. I just love how he turns his head towards the bird and listens to each note. Aren’t God’s creatures just amazing?


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