The Dog Panics When His Owner Hides During The Walk – The Dog’s Reaction Is Priceless

The reaction is equal parts funny and sad (Video)

Dogs can become incredibly attached to their owners. They are naturally pack animals, meaning they are extremely sociable. Left by themselves, they can easily start to feel lonely or scared. This video shows how one German Shepherd’s walk turned to panic after he thought he’d lost his owner. Thankfully his owner was simply playing a prank on him, but the reaction is real!

This video shows just how deep that attachment can go. A man was out walking his pup and decided to play a small prank on the poor pup. The dog is walking happily in front of him. Although the prowling pup is off-leash, he is incredibly obedient and knows not to stray too far from his human. Every few moments, the devoted dog turns to look over his shoulder, faithfully checking that his owner is still there. Wondering how the dog would react, the man takes the opportunity to find out. As the dog is happily trotting along, the man quickly and quietly hops behind a tree.

Unaware of the impending game of hide-and-seek

After a few seconds, as the dog continues, unaware of the impending game of hide-and-seek. Then, as the pup turns to make his routine check, he realizes his owner is gone. The reaction is equal parts funny and sad. The beautiful dog looks like his entire world is breaking down around him. He whimpers and looks around frantically trying to find his dad. He looks like a toddler who can’t find his mom in the grocery store, he was about two seconds away from crying. The panic is palpable. The dog slowly starts walking backward, retracing his steps while maintaining a fully dejected look. You can’t help but feel bad for the scared dog as he looks everywhere for his lost owner. Watch the video, the dog’s reaction finding his human hiding behind a tree is adorable.

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