The House is A Terrible Mess – The Dog’s Reaction on The Left Says it All

Watch the dog’s reaction! (Video)

These days, most of our dogs spend their people’s workdays at home alone. Often they’re bored and lonely. It’s important to remember that dogs are social animals. There’s a reason we call them our best friends: They are wired to spend time with us, watch us and help us. Some dogs already exhibit conspicuous behaviour as soon as their master or mistress leaves the house. That isn’t automatically linked to anxiety; for some dogs, it means a loss of control because they, as the leader of the pack, have to remain at home!

It looks like somebody has been really naughty. Charlie the dog and his new puppy friend Ollie have been left alone for a awhile in the house and they created a mess. After being away for half an hour, the family came back to find a big mess in the play room. One of their Beagles, had too much fun while they were away. There are pieces of torn paper on the floor, the toys are all over the room, and the window blinds have fallen down!

Who did this?

While the family toured the home to assess the damage, one of the two dogs seems oddly preoccupied. That’s when their owner decides to do his little investigation. The owner interrogates the two Beagles to find out who the culprit is… “Who did this? ” Definitely one of them is not going to take the blame for this one!  Watch the video, the dogs’ reaction is hilarious!

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