Horse and rider make an entrance, the judges are left speechless!

Horse and rider entrance

Horses are one of the most fearful animals and despite their size and physical prowess, just a light gust of air, or a strange noise in the distance is enough to arouse their suspicion and anxiety. Some horses are known for their remarkable dressage abilities. Dressage is a highly skilled form of riding performed in exhibition and competition where the horse and rider are expected to perform from memory a series of predetermined movements. But this video of Esmeralda and her trainer, Will Rogers shows just how remarkable a performance can be when there is complete trust between two performers.

Even just one sudden improvised reaction from the horse is enough to lose a competition. With this exhilarating performance, these two, the horse Esmeralda and her rider and owner Will Rogers have surpassed all the canons of perfection! In fact, the horse shows no fear of the loud and crinkly tarp as it is moved around them in the arena where they perform — as long as her owner Will Rogers is close to her!

A relationship of trust!

Could you ride a super athletic 4-year-old warmblood over a tarp in a lovely relaxed trot? Maybe not. Will has developed a unique horse training system, which appears to make extraordinary dressage horses completely bomb-proof. Watch this incredible video that may cause you to question why other horses still spooks whenever a plastic bag blows past. Will Rogers and Esmeralda may just be the most incredible team I’ve ever seen.  Not only are they talented, but they have TOTAL TRUST!

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