The man screams in terror when this Pit Bull jumps through the car window!

Pit Bull jumps through the car window!

Don’t get between this dog and food! A man and woman were sitting in their car minding their own business when they noticed an adorable pit bull pup walking around in the rain by itself. They just wanted to say hi to the sweet dog. The cute pit bull was extremely friendly. With a huge grin on his face, the dog went up to the car and popped his head right in the window to say hello to the couple and get some much-needed attention and petting. But the meeting didn’t go exactly as expected. 

Things were going well between the couple and the dog. That is, until the man in the video asked if the dog wanted something to eat. Well, you bet he did! This pup definitely knows at least one word. As soon as the man said the word “eat” the dog was ecstatic. You could see the recognition as the pit bull’s face lit up. And then, all of a sudden, the pup jumped right through the window into the car and made himself right at home.

They can be heard screaming!

The people were startled as the dog climbed right over them, and they quickly ran out of the car and the dog calmly sits in the passenger seat, waiting to go home with them! The man and woman can be heard screaming and laughing at the dogs adorable action. But what did they expect? The man said food! Naturally, that was an invitation to jump right on in and get something to eat. Right? But the dog wasn’t bothered. He was perfectly comfortable in the nice dry car. Watch the video of that scary moment but at the same time hilarious too!

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