The Way This Man Wakes Up His Deaf And Blind Dog Has Melted Hearts Across The Internet

He wakes up his dog in the sweetest way (Video)

All dogs deserve to be treated with as much love and respect as possible. Like many other dog parents, Aiden Mann, a veterinary assistant living in Nashville, Tennessee, knows exactly how important it is to be kind and gentle to his dogs, Lola and Plum. Plum was born blind and deaf, so the world is much different for her than it is for her sister. At first, Mann was nervous about adopting a dog with special needs, but he says “the second after” meeting Plum, who was being fostered by a coworker, he was in love. “I definitely didn’t know what I was getting myself into, but I did know that I loved her and wanted to give her a good life,” he said.

Over time, with lots of “trial and error,” Mann said, the two learned to communicate — and they’re now working on touch signals to help Plum learn commands. “We have ‘sit’ somewhat down, which is a touch under her chin,” Mann said. “And when I want her to follow me or go in a certain direction, I will softly guide her nose in the direction we are going or run my hand along her body in the direction I want her to go.” Mann knows that he has to be extra careful around her to make her feel as safe as possible. So, he posted an adorable video showing how he wakes her up from an afternoon nap. Mann cannot touch Plum to wake her up like he can with Lola. Touching her could easily scare her and stress her out. So, he had to learn new ways to interact with Plum to make her feel as comfortable as possible. Many of his fans on social media were curious about how he wakes up his sleeping pup, so he posted a video on social media. Now, his video has gone viral all over the internet. In fact, the heartwarming moment between him and his dog has even brought tears to many followers.

Touching moment between the two of them

To wake his sweet dog, Mann slowly approaches her. He lies on the ground beside Plum and gently blows on her face. Blowing on her is a much calmer way to wake her than petting her. At first, Plum is a little startled by the sudden feeling. She wakes up instantly, looking a bit confused about what just happened. But then, as she approaches Mann, he reaches out to her. With his touch, she can tell that he’s her dad, so she calms down a bit. Once she realizes that Mann is the one that woke her, she happily seeks his attention. All she wants is love from him, so the end of the video shows Mann and Plum playing together. Watch the video, it’s such a touching moment between the two of them, which is what caused so many people to tear up.

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