Their Dog Was Almost Taken Away by a Coyote – The Labrador Saves Him At The Last Minute

A coyote tries to take their dog away (Video)

We often believe our furry friends are safe in their yard, but that’s not always the case, even when it’s fenced off. Security video shows the coyote jumping into a fenced-in backyard to attack the 7-year-old Boston terrier named Sadie who was outside unattended. Within seconds, the coyote looked its jaws into Sadie and began to shake her as she yelped for help, said the owners. 

The coyote grabbed Sadie and tried to drag her with him, but she fought. The little dog screamed in terror. That’s when her human knew something was wrong. The coyote tries to pick up the puppy and carry it away. But luckily, the family’s older dog refused to let that happen. After hearing the commotion, the family’s 8-year-old labrador, Cody, ran into the backyard and chased the coyote away, saving Sadie’s life. He rushed towards the wild animal and scared it. “Cody ran outside immediately barking,” said owner Freddy Patriarca. The ordeal happened just two months after a coyote attacked and seriously injured a 3-year-old girl playing near Huntington Beach Pier.

Coyote Targets Boston Terrier

“I feel unsafe,” said owner Melissa Patriarca .“We should feel safe here, in our own home.” She added her kids are afraid to play in the backyard following the attack. Fortunately, everyone survived the situation, but the family feared it would happen again. Coyote sightings are on the rise, so hopefully this story will raise your awareness to keep more pets safe. After a few days, Sadie was given antibiotics and felt fine. She’s lucky her canine brother was there to save her because not all dogs are so lucky. Watch the video, When his family watched the footage later, they couldn’t believe it!

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