They Dive To Explore The Seabed And Encounter A GIGANTIC Fish… What A Show!

A giant fish

Astonishing footage by the diver-photographer Miguel Pereira, has captured the moment deep sea divers came face-to-face with a giant sunfish basking in warm waters off the coast of Portugal. The video shows the giant fish – a creature renowned for its huge size and strange appearance – cruising through the ocean as the group of divers swim alongside it. Surrounding the giant fish as it opens and closes its gaping mouth, the divers are armed with recording equipment to capture the incredible interaction.

This sea creature is as big as a shark but its good-natured disposition has made it less famous and feared! We are talking about the ocean sunfish, also known as the Mola Mola, which is the world’s largest bony fish and this group of divers was lucky enough to find a rare specimen off the coast of Portugal.

A intimidating size!

The Ocean sunfish can weigh up to 2,268 kilograms (5,000 pounds) and measure 15-by-12 feet. It almost looks like a creature from another planet and its mouth never closes. Despite their intimidating size, sunfish are actually gentle giants that are harmless to humans. Although they are huge and often terrifying in appearance, they are actually harmless and feed mostly on jellyfish. Docile by nature, they are considered a delicacy in parts of Japan and Taiwan, and can often be seen basking at the ocean’s surface on their side.

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