They found her dog after 2 years and a thousand miles apart, will her dog remember her?

After 2 years, this is the meeting

Any dog owner has questioned at one point or another if their dog can actually feel how much they are loved, and if they are reciprocating that love, but this absolutely incredible story is proof that dogs love their companions- and will do just about anything to be with them. For those who own a pet, losing it and not having any idea where to find it is truly a nightmare.

That is exactly what happened to this woman whose dog Zeus wandered off from their house in Florida and never came back home! His owner, Debbie Petranck spent the past 24 months searching high and low throughout central Florida to no avail. Then, after two years, and her hopes had almost died, she received an unexpected telephone call! The call was made from the Friends of the Dearborn Animal Shelter.

Her prayers were answered!

Her four-legged friend had been found in Michigan which is more than a thousand miles away from her! Obviously, the owner had many doubts, and first and foremost was whether the time spent apart had broken their deep and affectionate connection? The owner said her prayers were answered and you get the feeling that the dog might feel the same way. “Oh dear God I have missed you so much,” said Petranck as she hugged and kissed Zeus, who returned the affection. “I put an ad in the newspaper every week about my missing Zeus,” Petranck said. Using the microchip detection device, they checked for a microchip and found one in his neck. It was Zeus and he had finally been found! It’s a long-awaited reunion, it’s going to be INTENSE and amazingly TOUCHING!

As we always do, we scan animals that come in stray to see if there’s an owner,” said Elaine Green, Friends for the Dearborn Animal Shelter. Bingo – there was. A woman named Debbie – almost a thousand miles away.

She was ecstatic when we called,” said Elaine Greene, Executive Director, Friends for the Dearborn Animal Shelter. “She was shocked and she was really in disbelief.

Florida dog turns up in Dearborn two years after going missing


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