This adorable baby girl laughs uncontrollably while watching her dog doing that!

Dog makes baby laugh uncontrollably

A baby’s behavior can be amazing and totally unpredictable. Sometimes they cry uncontrollably and refuse to be consoled until they get what they want. Other times, they laugh uncontrollably when they have fun with their family members. A lot of people find babies crying very annoying, but be assured that there is nothing that can make a person smile quicker than a laughing baby. And this is my favorite part about babies, it seems like they always can’t stop laughing at some of the most random things!

Dogs are known as babies best friend, and they have so much in common. Both want the attention of their parents or owners. Both are amused by little things, and they are also fun to be around. What more could you want after a chocolate-filled weekend? Dogs. Babies. Popcorn. Laughter. Pretty much all set here! It goes to show you that babies have the random potential to produce magically adorable moments such at this. And who wouldn’t want that even if you had to change a diaper or two…? Something about a baby’s innocence and cuteness mixed with high pitched laughter makes an infant’s giggling infectious.

 The perfect team!

With the cutest, most infectious laugh, this baby girl is in absolute hysterics as she watches her dad feed their pet dog a few handfuls of popcorn. At one point the little bub looks like she’s about to fall on the floor she’s laughing so much, but true to form, she just carries on, giving people the best laughter track to start the week to. There is just something about laughing babies that give you a warm feeling and make you want to smile. This should really brighten your day. Just look how much fun she’s having! It’s impossible not to smile while watching this!!!

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