When this baby first tries to crawl, the dog does something so sweet! What a CUTE ENDING!

Look what the dog did!

Growing up with a dog is one of the best experiences a little kid can have. Dogs are the world’s most loyal friends; they’re patient and always there for a hug, snuggle, or snack – depending on the mood. We don’t know where we would be without our four-legged friends! If you had a dog as a pet when you were small, you know that they were there to witness all your many exciting “firsts” in life. For this tiny baby girl, her loving Labrador was there to see her crawl for the very first time. There’s nothing like watching a little one learn to crawl. All those jerky, terribly coordinated motor skills at work are pretty adorable.

But when this one pooch was there for the special moment that her little sibling started to crawl, she didn’t really seem quite interested at first… But you’ve gotta see the end!!! Just one more piece of evidence proving that dogs and babies are a match made in heaven. Apparently the incentive to making your baby want to crawl, is to put something in front of him/her to go after. This dog watched her for awhile before he moved in closer to her. The dog also knew to take good care of this baby as to not hurt her while she was in the learning stages of crawling. I think dogs can sense things off of people too, so in turn they know how to respond. This goes back to prove the innocence of a child in their motives.

What a cute ending!

At first, the dog looks at her with a bit of confusion, likely wondering why it is taking her so long to come over and give him a belly rub! But after some time passes, the pup decides he is going to save this little human the trouble of scooting all the way over and meets her in the middle. What happens next is sure to make you melt into a puddle of sentimental jelly. But, oh – is it worth it! This video will make you giggle and brighten your day!!!


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